Organisational change is hard, particularly when the core change you are trying to drive is one of culture and skills. That’s why we developed project Piper. For those that want to run this initiative themselves, this how-to guide will get you started.

Piper Japan

The goal of Piper is to inspire organisational change. It is not the end point, but a way to get teams on a journey that they then self-pursue. For the history of Piper, how we learned from mistakes and how it has evolved, read here. The change we want to create is to have a team that understands innovation in the digital world and equipped to thrive in it.

Back in 2012 we recognised that the customer landscape was changing. Large traditional companies were forming agile teams, implementing a DevOps culture and exploring lean methodologies. The application landscape was also shifting. In a desire to move fast and innovate, cloud native applications were being built that broke applications down into microservices and split out dependencies so they could be run independently of infrastructure.

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