Books To Read This Summer

“Enterprise DevOps Adoption Isn’t Mandatory, But Neither IS Survival”

                                        …….Gene Kim in the Wall Street Journal

There has been a lot of talk about disruption in 2015. A big theme in 2016 will be the disruption of the IT professional. Every role in IT will change and the pace at which we learn new concepts, skills and models will be important for success for anyone in IT. This post should help you get your head around some of the changes coming.

The following two books are great reads and are minimum expectations for SEs at EMC:

1. The Phoenix Project – a great story about DevOps and the changing culture of IT

2. The New Kingmakers – a book about software developers, open source

Then there are some other great reads:

3. Scrum – learn about the concepts of agile software development. Some great case studies on why scrum is needed and how to go about it.

4. Consumption Economics – a great book for both sales and Presales people to learn about the economic benefits of Cloud and changing business models

5. The Innovator’s Dilemma – How do large companies adapt to change, and why do many fail to see the change coming or prepare themselves for it

Two books that were recommended to me recently that I have not read yet are: The Big Switch and Winning The Battle For Relevance

In addition to all this there are some topics I would read up on 1) DevOps 2) Jez Humble – search youtube 3) Docker 4) Mesos 5) State Of DevOps Report 6) microservices 7) cloud native & 12 Factor Apps

Got any other great suggestions for books to read? Share comments below….