Some tech podcasts worth getting in to

Lately I have been getting into a series of podcasts that would highly recommend. They are awesome for flights, long trips etc and give some great perspectives on the tech industry. Here are my top 3 picks:

1) the hot aisle – some colleagues at EMC in the US run this podcast. It’s a fun look at EMC and other enterprise technologies.

2) speaking in tech – a fun podcast that has a very open look at all sorts of rumours, technologies and news.

3) the cloudcast – a more serious look at the world of enterprise technology.

Of course there are also our Australian podcasts that a few of us at EMC have been creating:

– the 4th wave: Danny and Ryan have built this audio podcast to discuss future IT topics and trends.

– TechBasement: Dean and I built this video podcast to interview special guests and record demos.

A good way to find these in addition to the links is by searching and following them on iTunes. Happy podding.