Pivotal CF Install Issue: Cannot log in as `admin’

Ok, here is an issue I have been struggling with for a while and finally came across a fix. When installing Pivotal Cloud Foundry for a second or third time, often the installation will drop out on the step “creating director user” with the following error:

Target already set to `microbosh-b5f7fa48777480cf307e’ {“type”: “step_finished”, “id”: “microbosh.logging_into_director”} {“type”: “step_started”, “id”: “microbosh.creating_director_user”}

Pivotal CF Issue 2

Running bosh login director f539d3aebcc43dc2d2f0

Cannot log in as `director’

Creating director user

Running bosh login admin admin

Cannot log in as `admin’

Exited with 1.

The Fix

The fix was to delete the “bosh-deployments.yml” file which is on the Pivotal Ops Manager server under the following directory:


Then just re-run the install and it should create the file with a new admin user account.

If you are not sure how to get in to the server, go to vcenter and open the console to the server that you deployed during the initial OVA installation for Pivotal ops manager. The user name is “tempest” and the password is the one you created at the start of the OVA install.

Pivotal CF Issue