Pivotal CF Install Issue Error 30002

Here’s another little issue that I couldn’t find any documentation on, but managed to work around. When installing Pivotal CF v1.2.0.0 or v1.2.2.0 I received the following message:

Error 30002: Extracting release archive failed. Check task debug log for details.

The fix I found (after trying a few other options) was to remove everything related to Pivotal CF, including all VMs, templates and delete the Pivotal Ops manager console VMs. Make sure you delete left over VMs that could be on disk somewhere.

Then do a full re-install using Pivotal Ops manager install file pcf- and using elastic runtime version cf-

The 1.2.1 version seemed to fix this for me.

Make sure you start from the beginning with the install of the OVA file. A partial reinstall with version 1.2.1 did not work for me.

If you can’t find a copy of this version then leave a comment below. Also, if this happens to help you leave a comment.

Pivotal CF Install Issue – Operation Is Not Allowed In The Current State

If you encounter this issue while Installing Pivotal CF then here is a potential fix. A web search showed no public fix to this so this might help others and the fix is fairly simple. The exact error I received is below and this occurred while installing Pivotal Cloud Foundry v1.2.2. on ESX 5.5.

`block in wait_for_task’: The operation is not allowed in the current connection state of the host. (RuntimeError) Continue reading Pivotal CF Install Issue – Operation Is Not Allowed In The Current State