There’s a temptation in sales to have your SE at every customer meeting. I know this because I was once in sales, and I see it happen regularly in the industry. The rep needs the SE because, well “what if the customer asks me a tough technical question”.

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You have probably heard about the challenger sales methodology. This model centres on the idea of a salesperson taking charge of the customer conversation, teaching and coaching their customer through the sales process. Under this model, the sales person’s key goal is to bring insight to the table and help the customer rethink how they tackle business initiatives or even what initiatives to tackle

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Organisational change is hard, particularly when the core change you are trying to drive is one of culture and skills. That’s why we developed project Piper. For those that want to run this initiative themselves, this how-to guide will get you started.

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The goal of Piper is to inspire organisational change. It is not the end point, but a way to get teams on a journey that they then self-pursue. For the history of Piper, how we learned from mistakes and how it has evolved, read here. The change we want to create is to have a team that understands innovation in the digital world and equipped to thrive in it.

Back in 2012 we recognised that the customer landscape was changing. Large traditional companies were forming agile teams, implementing a DevOps culture and exploring lean methodologies. The application landscape was also shifting. In a desire to move fast and innovate, cloud native applications were being built that broke applications down into microservices and split out dependencies so they could be run independently of infrastructure.

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With so much going at Dell Technologies World (DTW) every year, every attendees’ personal journey is a different one, and so I thought I would share mine. While I work for Dell Technologies, this is not a corporate blog. It is my own personal opinion of the highlights and what impacted me the most.

With over 15,000 attendees, thousands of partners, over 400 media and analysts, around 800 attendees from APJ, this event was nothing short of epic. Here’s my top 10 countdown…


I just finished filming a video to share with our Presales team on my views of leadership and what great leaders do. I thought I would share some of my thoughts here.DTW Leadership FIlming

In 2012 a really important blog post was published (one of the most powerful reads for any SE). You can find it here:

The ideas in this post have stood the test of time and will continue to be part of our  Presales DNA.